May 8, 2006 at 10:21 pm (Uncategorized)

I hear you leaving
I hear the door
Wait I shouldve said
can I come please
maybe of course
do you want something
from the store
Ill be right back
I shouldve said please
can I come…
…Hell be right back
Little thoughts like me
up in the trees
fly high like the clouds in the sky
was I not good
did I misbehave
am I too much in your hands
to stay
I hear the cars outside
I hear the sound
of the silence in the house
I waited all night
I never told
I never said again
please dont leave me
Im only small
please dont go
that night he never came back
left me alone
in that house on the alley
alone to wonder what Id done
to make him hate me so
to make him want to go
to make him forget that I was there
to make me think he didnt care
he left me in that fucking house
no way home and no way out
he doesnt remember now
and I wont say
I love you dad
please stay
now hes 51 years old
hes dying and he sick
I know he wanted me to stay
but I couldnt
not for him
and as I walked on out the door
to go on my way
I heard him whisper

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