May 9, 2006 at 5:41 pm (Uncategorized)

Its a springtime flower that dies into the winter with a new love
I see her and shes see me and we share a little hate
we share a little thing I call the way we experience you
so she tries to tell me with everything she has
how youre gonna love her betterhow youre gonna be a good man

I say

Put your wagging tongue back between your legs girl
keep it in your heart
hide it less I rip it out
lock it in a hidden place
and stuff it in your mouth

Isnt it a pretty day like summer in the spring
it moves like a little girl
but shes always wandering and
someone comes to bring her love
theyre calling out her name
and he says hes gonna love her better
that its love hes gonna bring

I say

Put your folly tongue back into your mouth boy
keep it where the lies dont grow
Hide it less I rip it out
lock it in a hidden place
and stuff it in your mouth

follow always butterflies into theyre only day
chasing something smells like hope
until it serves you spring
and much like every springtime hum
itll keep you running
flowers, bees, the sun and love
until you see that spring is done

I say

Put your bloody tongue back inside your mouth I say
keep it where the wind wont blow
or carry all the things I hate
Into my winter snow

for now its time for me to sleep
and forget what ive done
while you rest with her beneath my feet
my sorrow will be done


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