Games we play; Anyone up for a little candyland?

May 10, 2006 at 11:07 pm (Uncategorized)

lets say for a moment I was an unavailable person but I had a crush…
lets say that crush and I had a thing until I realized it was almost a real thing then I had to split…
lets say that that crush moved on because of it…but we remained friends because shes objective. Until… I realized she wasnt fucking around, she really had made a decision and stuck to it. Now I know she really likes me still, but her resolve is like steel. This bothers me. I want her attention back on me, but Im faced with a dilema. If I come out and say it, that means I have to be accountable for my future actions and her heart becomes partially my responsibility. Which I cant have because Im unavailable and selfish. So I instead opt to play a game. Become manipulative. Drop subtle hints letting her know I want her without having to say it directly… Im hoping shell bite so I can simply let her decide to fall into bed with me under the very thin guise/implication of my affections. When she does I can be victorious but Im not responsible and I can still justifiably keep dating others, hold a door open for my ex and if I feel like it, leave her.
Now, lets just say this woman happens to be privy to this kind of bull shit; and it doesnt fly, what then instead? Do I own my little play on her heart? Or do I say nothing and try to make her think it is her being ridiculous? hmmmm thereinlies my dilema. Now lets say for a second Ive claimed to be a caring friend of this girl. Ive led her to believe that even though I perhaps make not a good dating parter initially, that I am a devoted acquaitance with nothing but respect for her…So what do I do? Do I let her go or do I redeem myself via confession and an apology?
Please tell me.


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